Thursday, 6 February 2014

How To Be Fashionable

I've been asked by a couple of people for wardrobe makeovers so here's some advice if you want an overhaul of your closet. 
Here are 5 absolute essential things you need before you start your make over.

1. Great fitting pair of jeans. 
I used to think I didn't really own a good pair of jeans or wear jeans very often, I'm only 5ft tall and always felt jeans made my legs look short however I recently packed up to move to London and counted out 10 pairs. It is so important to own a good fitting, simple pair of jeans. I always recommend skinnys or boyfriend cut. Try on every pair you can find in every shop (different shops have different sizing... I'm a size 10 in Topshop jeans but an 8 in M&S) and then make a decision. They will be the basis of many an outfit.

2. A beautiful LBD
Little black dresses are important because they can be used for pretty much every situation where you can't make a decision. Dress down for a last minute work outfit, dress up when you can't choose what to go out in. I would always recommend going with something you are 100% comfortable in as I usually see an LBD as a good back-up plan so skater dresses are great for nights when you're feeling bloated.

3. Plain t-shirts
I have a huge amount of basic shirts from v-neck and tight to boyfriend and they always come in handy. Pair with high waisted shorts or jeans and you've got instant fashion. Basic is always the way forward when doing a self makeover.

4. A pair of LBS (little black shoes)
Just as important as the LBD in my opinion. A pair of black heels that you can throw on with anything and everything. Stick with jeans for drinks or a bodycon for a party. Base your choice mostly on how comfortable they are. I'm not usually an endorser of comfort (no pain no gain right?) but LBS's should be your best friend so don't buy shoes that you don't want to wear because your feet are on fire after half an hour.

5. An idea of your own style
This is the key to a good wardrobe. You can buy clothes until you no longer have room for your bed but you'll never feel fashionable until you know what you want. I love simple, elegant, monochrome clothes with a bit of sophistication. I look at trends and work out how they fit in with my style, not how I fit in with theirs.


  1. so true about having basic tops!! I hardly have any because I never buy them, but always need them X

    1. I seem to buy tons and lose them! Kind of like socks!
      Thanks for visiting :)
      E xx

  2. Great points <3 very good for someone wanting to start out.

    1. Thank you lovely, I'll make sure to check out your blog xx