Monday, 5 October 2015

My Favourite Quotes

Sometimes all a bad day needs is a little inspiration - the above are some of my favourite quotes, from Winnie-the-Pooh to Coco Chanel, guess the speaker!

I hope this brightens up your Monday, please leave me inspiring quotes to brighten up mine

Until next time,

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Monday, 28 September 2015

White Chocolate Rocky Road Recipe

Every Friday at work we have a cake trolley that goes round each floor - each team in the building is on rotation for who does the baking, and every time it comes round I tell myself I'm only allowed to get something if white chocolate rocky road is on offer. this never works out - I always get something.

So this weekend instead of just hoping someone else would provide my sweet tooth with it's craving, I took matters into my own hands.

What you'll need:
A large mixing bowl
A baking tin
A large spoon
A knife

800g of white chocolate
1 bag of large marshmallows
250g of digestive biscuits
100g of butter 

What to do:

Crush or blend the digestive biscuits until there are no big lumps of whole biscuit left and poor into your mixing bowl

Melt the butter and add to the digestive biscuits, mix together until they bind

This bit is messy - using your hands make small round balls of the biscuit/butter mixture and set aside on a plate to harden

Melt the chocolate. (if you are doing this in a microwave do it in 10 second blasts, constantly stirring, chocolate burns very very quickly if you leave it in for too long!)

Pour the chocolate into your mixing bowl and stir in the marshmallows. Lastly add the biscuit balls and stir in.

Pour the mixture into your baking tray and even out, put the tray in the freezer

After around 20 minutes in the freezer your mixture should be part ready, you want it still too soft to eat at this point. Take your knife and cut into even squares within the tin before placing back in the freezer.

Give the mixture around 2 hours to harden completely and serve! 
Remember to always keep refridgerated... melted chocolate is a nightmare to clean up.

Upload your creations to Instagram and Twitter and make sure to @mention me so I can see how much better they probably look than mine!

Until next time,
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Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Celebrating the big 500!

So you may or may not know that on my birthday (yesterday) I was given the most amazing present... I surpassed 500 Twitter followers! This is a big mile stone for me and therefore deserves some celebration. The prize is not a big one and it's all bought by yours truly, it's my first ever giveaway so fingers crossed it's a success!
The prize is a little pamper pack for that Saturday night you might be spending with Dominos pizza. It includes 2 face masks, 2 bags of sweets and a glass jar with a straw (and some pretty decoration). Please enter below, the competition ends on 22nd September.
Feel free to drop me a comment and let me know you've entered and don't forget to tweet about it!
I will announce the winner on this post next Friday (24th) and on Twitter.
Good luck!

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Monday, 14 September 2015

This Month on Instagram...

I can't believe how quickly this month is going already and I feel like it's barely started! So much has been happening over the past month and it's my birthday today so I've got a lot to celebrate...

{clockwise from top left}

001: My boyfriend loves coffee, he has a Nespresso machine at ours and I'm becoming an expert in how to make a good cup. I don't drink it myself but it feels like a work of art to make it look like something from a coffee shop.

002: I really feel like we are switching to AW now so I whipped out my favourite penguin socks to mark the change.

003: I'm literally obsessed with Krispy Kremes at the moment, I never used to like doughnuts but after my Head of Merch brought these in to say thank you after a particularly busy week at New Look HQ I've eaten so many. My favourites are jam & cream, salted caramel cheesecake and biscoff

004: I never really read magazines anymore, I'm more of a book lover at the moment but I made a special effort to go out and buy this months Cosmo (for just £1!) as a friend of mine is the junior designer and I had to take a look at her pages; this coffee layout is my fav.

005: I'm one of those people that asks you to use a coaster when you have a drink at my house (hello Monica...) and I found these ones for £2 in Primark, how cute!?

006: I really don't use my polaroid camera enough, mostly I like the way it looks on my shelves but I'm going to make an effort to start using it more. 

007: I love red nails. Unfortunately I've had to give my nails a break this week as I paint them so much that they've turned yellow and started to break off. 

008: I went home for a long weekend last weekend and was reunited with my pup Toby. He's so funny when I come home because he just follows me round, I walked around the entire downstairs floor of my house three times to see if he'd get bored of following but he just stayed right beside me the whole time!

009: These are my all time favourite jeans. I feel because of the wash and the exposed skin they are more of a summer jean so I'm very sad to be packing them away for winter.

That's all for this month, until next time
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Monday, 7 September 2015

Inside Our Home

If you follow my blog you'll no doubt know that I recently moved to a new house. It was a big change as I moved out of a shared house with my girlfriends and into a little maisonette with my boyfriend. I'm obsessed with interiors so setting up our new place was exciting (until we were onto building the wardrobe for the third bedroom and starting to get sick of DIY...) and I thought I'd let you have a sneak peak at my new home. Above is our bedroom, guess which side of the bed is mine? Hint: it's the much tidier one. The picture above the bed is one I made using all the maps we managed to bring home from when we went travelling together after University.

Our bathroom is quite big and I'm determined to keep it looking pretty. The soaps on the sink were a gift from my sister last year, they're so pretty with their little brown string that I still haven't opened them! And how cute is the toothbrush holder? I have these Ikea pots everywhere in different sizes.

Alex bought my a lovely bouquet of lilies when we moved in which was great until he leaned over them with a bright white shirt on. The tins are all Emma Bridgewater, as is a lot of the kitchenware we own because I'm a tad obsessed.

Speaking of obsessed I have previously mentioned my mug addiction... See above my favourites in my collection. The top was a gift from my stepdad when I went home for a weekend, it's Le Creuset. The middle two are Cath Kidston and perfect for an extra large cup of tea. The bottom two with writing on are Emma Bridgewater; one a gift from my Mum and one a gift from me to me. The middle with the big E is Anthropologie; a gift from a friend for my 21st, very pretty but the handle is too small even for my hands!

Last but most definitely not least is our lounge. This corner sofa is my pride and joy - it looks so pretty and is perfect for curling up on! The drawing above the sofa is one of my Mums that I've always loved and it looks so good on our wall. We have a breakfast bar instead of a table but we bought some extra chairs for when people come round which you can see handing on the wall by the couch - a really great space saver. Of course the star element of the photo is the chocolate buttons which I snuck into the house and ate within an hour.

So there you have it, what do you think of our new home?

Until next time,
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Tuesday, 1 September 2015

How to Organise Your Blog

I'm a super organised person naturally but I admit I can be lazy in organising my blog but recently I've made a big effort to keep on top of things and I thought I'd share with you all how I do it.

First I bought myself a {very pretty} notepad specifically for blog organisation - it was reduced from £15 in paperchase to £4.95 so I had no excuse! I then divided up the notepad in sections; events coming up, Instagram planning, Twitter planning and then - the big one - blog posts.

Each month I plan when I want the posts to go live, what I want the content to be and what I need to do to achieve that.

The key to planning properly, at least for me, is knowing what my personal plans are and how that will affect my blog; whether that is in a good way or a bad way. I might know that I'm going to an event that will make good content for my blog so that's one weeks post sorted and at the same time I might know that one month I have really busy weekends which will limit my ability to write up posts or put together photography so I know I need to use stock photography, or use the month before to schedule my posts.

The second part of planning is content ideas. This was one of my biggest hurdles when I first started blogging; some weeks I would have tons of great ideas and others I would have none. Alongside that I often forgot what my great ideas were after thinking of them.

So there's a whole section of my perfect little notepad just for ideas. Blank pages for noting down ideas and inspiration as soon as it comes to me and then pages with researched ideas; national holidays, events and review work that I commit to.

So far this is working really well for me, how do you organise your time?

Until next time,
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Monday, 24 August 2015

Goodbye Wimbledon

It's moving time!

This weekend I went through the hellish event of moving house. Last year I moved to Wimbledon with three girlfriends to a beautiful victorian terraced house a stones throw from the station. We never planned to move to the area; when we started looking we were focused on Clapham but after a month of looking at teeny flats with a 20 minute walk to the tube we decided it was time to broaden our search area. As a result we found a beautiful 5 bed house with a garden. There was only 4 of us so we turned the fifth bedroom into a lounge.

I am now moving up North {London} to Islington. I lived in Holloway, North Islington, when I first moved to London so I know the area and I'm super excited to be moving but very sad to be leaving Wimbledon, although I'm sure in subsequent years I will return.

As a farewell I thought I would treat you to a little guide to the area from a Wimbledon resident.

There are two parts of Wimbledon to consider; the town itself and the Village.

So where to go?

Wimbledon Town:


001: The Terrace
Conveniantly located above Centre Court shopping centre (which also houses Wimbledon Central Station) The Terrace is the perfect place to drink when it's sunny. Whilst I don't particularly rate the food and it isn't overly glamorous, the cocktails are great and reasonably priced and the balcony (or terrace...) is perfect to lounge out in the sun.

002: The Alex
Head left out of the station and just after the big Argos, opposite Elys department store, is the pub The Alexandra. With a pretty roof terrace and a glass of prosecco for £5.55 there isn't much to complain about. I haven't eaten here but I hear the food is also very good.

003: Berties
Opposite the station behind the Prince of Wales is the entrance to Berties. During the day it looks a little like the bars to a prison but in the evening they open up the pretty entrance to reveal a cosy underground bar that hosts live music acts. It's also a couple of doors down from Edwards which looks {and is} a bit like a bar from your uni days but, on the plus, serves drinks for under £2 during happy hour. Unheard of in London.

Eat & Treats

001: Alfornos
This little Italian restaurant doesn't look like your first choice from the outside, tucked down a side street near the theatre, but inside there is a homely feel and unbeatable pizza. If you only have time for one meal while you're in the area, this would be my recommendation.

002: Mai Thai
This restaurant has room for less than 50 people, but what it lacks in size it makes up for in quality. The food is amazing and the extra little touches - like pretty water glasses - make it feel very intimate.

003: Hot Pink
Easy, fun and cheap. The food here is great and the menu is probably something a bit different to what you're used to. If you live in the area make sure to follow them on Twitter - they post names of roads in the area and if you're a resident of that road you get something free!


001: Hemingways
The Village is pricey so you might end up paying £25 for two drinks here but trust me when I say it's worth it. The drinks are tasty (& strong, an essential with such a high price tag) and the atmosphere is lovely. 

002: Cannizaro House
Top tip: come here for a boozy Saturday afternoon and order prosecco. The views are stunning, you'll forget you're in London, and there is champagne on tap. Venture to the opposite side of Wimbledon Green to find.

003: Hand in Hand
Perfect for sitting outside, a pub that looks like something you'd find in a tiny village in the North of England. Head down the southside of Wimbledon Green (be sure to admire the incredible houses on the way) and then turn down a little road called the 'crooked billet' to find this pub. Order your drinks with a sharing Camembert for a perfect weekend evening.

Eats & Treats

001: Bayee Village
This Chinese restaurant does the most amazing food. Set back from the main road the interior is dark so not somewhere you want to visit on a hot summer evening but perfect for cozying up on a winters night. Considering the prices in The Village this place is super reasonable as well!

002: The Dog & Fox
Admittedly I have eaten from the A La Carte Menu here and was not impressed at all, however the Sunday Roast is unbeatable. Portion sizes are huge so a quick tip; order a childs portion, the entire roast scaled down for half the price.

003: Light on the Common
Whether it's afternoon tea {the scones here are to die for} or an evening meal, Light is the perfect venue. The food is great and the interior is simple and elegant. Being right by Wimbledon Green also means it's perfect for a post-dinner wander.

Aside from the great bars & restaurants, Wimbledon is perfect just to wander round. Head down side streets and into the residential areas to find beautiful arrays of houses. You're options for getting here are through the main station which is connected to the city via National Rail (15 mins from Vauxhall station) and District line tube or, alternatively, South Wimbledon station on the Northern Line is 10 minutes walk from Wimbledon or a 10 minute bus ride to the Village.

Until next time,
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